• Complete website designs customized to your needs
  • Wordpress theme modifications (New features, admin panel additions, etc.)
  • Adjustments to Joomla-based sites and Shopify themes
  • General website maintenance (Alterations, additions, updates and bug fixes)
  • Photo editing (Removing unwanted details, adjusting brightness or colors, etc.)
  • Proof-reading of website content
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Nitronium has a focus on efficient, high-quality websites. Websites should look good. More than that, they should be easy to navigate. A visitor to your site should never have trouble finding what they want. Nitronium believes in efficient design, both in terms of layout and graphics so that pages will load quickly and content will be placed in sensible locations.

As a client, you will receive personal attention from a designer who cares about giving you a website of the highest calibre. With over ten years of experience in graphic design and programming, I have the ability to follow through on my promises of quality.

In 2024, Nitronium completed a full re-design of my site to coincide with the release of my seventh hybrid-fantasy novel, and I couldn't be happier.

I'm getting nothing but compliments on the site's clean design, the movement on the Home page, which is a nifty parallax-effect, and how every other element of the site is nothing short of a visual treat.

I've been hiring Nitronium for over a decade now, and as an author, I prefer to work with a private designer, who utilizes his creative graphic design talent, rather than for me to work with templates, which is generally the norm now in the industry. Nitronium's prices are competitive and the whole experience was satisfying.

Honestly, I can't think of one single shortcoming.

Patricia K. McCarthy, Author


If you're looking for a complete website design or modifications to an existing one, I will put my years of experience with programming, photo editing and graphic design to work for you.

Over the years, I've worked on sites for bands, an author, local businesses, computer games and more.

Any type of site you need, just let me know and I'll see what I can do.

  • Complete website design, built from scratch using PHP
  • Elements and colour palette from latest novel cover incorporated into the design
  • Custom admin panel for changing bio photo and book info

  • Complete website, built from scratch using PHP
  • Colour scheme and logo chosen by client and worked into design
  • User login and authentication
  • Custom system for scheduling access to virtual meeting areas by various user groups
  • Connection with AvayaLive Engage virtual meeting software

We Want YOU - PC Game Website

  • Single-page website built from scratch using PHP
  • Built around a theme with some of the art supplied by Quicksand Games
  • Two versions supplied: One with JavaScript requirements and one without


Sometimes clients don't need design work done, they just want something modified. Maybe you want a feature added to your Wordpress admin panel, need your Joomla site customized, or want a shopping cart for your online shop. Maybe you just have an existing design that you want rebuilt to more modern standards.

I can help with all that.

Patricia McCarthy (Previous Website)

  • Complete website design, built from scratch using PHP
  • Custom shopping cart
  • Interaction with Canada Post API for shipping estimates
  • Interaction with PayPal API for secure payments
  • Graphical work and photo-editing
  • Custom admin panel for adding/modifying book-related information

3D Virtual Crafting

  • Joomla-based website with additional, non-Joomla pages
  • Framework installation and setup
  • Visual customization applied to existing theme
  • Feature prototyping
  • Custom, non-Joomla pages for client's side projects
  • Creation of web-based utilities
  • Maintenance and site backups

Avatar Bazaar

  • Wordpress-based website
  • Various visual adjustments and bug fixes made to existing theme

Red Helm Insurance

  • Wordpress-based website
  • Modifications to existing theme's visuals at the request of the client
  • Coding for additional or modified theme features
  • Additions to administrator panel
  • Bug fixes for existing theme

Canada Insurance Quotes

  • Wordpress-based website
  • Additions to administrator panel
  • Coding for additional or modified features

Alternative Energy Automation

  • Recreation and improvement of an existing site using custom PHP

Sinclair is a talented developer and an honest entrepreneur. He has helped me on a number of projects, one of which is the original iteration of what is now a thriving business.

His help has been vital in helping me get more than one business off the ground. Sinclair's biggest weakness as an independent developer is that he chronically undervalues his own work.

Stephane Perron, Founder of Red Helm Insurance Ltd.


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